Annual Meeting 2011 Business Meeting Minutes

ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter Meeting
Fort Worth, Texas
October 29, 2011, Museum of Modern Art, Fort Worth

Executive Committee of the ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter
Beverly Mitchell, President
Martha Gonzalez Palacios, Vice-President, President Elect
Shari Salisbury, Secretary
Edward Lukasek, Treasurer

I. Call to order (President Mitchell)
The Art Libraries Society of North America, Texas-Mexico Chapter’s Annual Business Meeting was held at the Museum of Modern Art, Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday, October 29, 2011. The meeting was called to order by President Beverly Mitchell.

II. Introductions

President Mitchell began by giving special thanks to the planning committee consisting of Sam Duncan at the Amon Carter, Chia-Chun Shih at the Kimbell, and Katherine Maloney at the Amon Carter (current chair of Texas VRA) for their assistance in arranging many of the annual meeting activities. President Mitchell also thanked Vice-President Gonzalez Palacios, Treasurer Lukasek and Secretary Salisbury for the many ways in which they provided support.

President Mitchell asked those present to introduce themselves. In attendance were Beverly Mitchell (SMU), Edward Lukasek (MFAH), Chia-Chun Shih (Kimbell), Craig Bunch (McNay), Eric Wolf (Menil), Carla Ellard (Texas State), Gloria Selene Hinojosa (Texas State), Elizabeth Schaub (UT), Laura Schwartz (UT), Martha Gonzalez Palacios (UT), Jon Evans (MFAH), Jet Prendeville (Rice), Beverly Carver (UT Arlington), Dana Harper (DMA), Tara Spies Smith (Texas State), Samuel Duncan (Amon Carter), and Shari Salisbury (UTSA).

III. Secretary’s Report and Approval of 2010 Business Meeting Minutes (Secretary Salisbury)

Minutes from the 2010 meeting had previously been submitted by email to Chapter members for comments. Copies of the revised minutes with changes made were given to those in attendance. Secretary Salisbury moved to have the 2010 Business Meeting Minutes approved by the members. Eric Wolf seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The corrected minutes from the 2010 meeting are attached below.

IV. Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer Lukasek)

Treasurer Lukasek reported we had 22 attendees. After the collection of chapter meeting registration fees and member renewals and expenditures for the meeting, there is currently a balance of $2,365.00 in the account. A number of chapter members have not yet renewed. President Mitchell will send a reminder email to renew on the ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter listserv and ARLIS/NA listserv. Treasurer Lukasek also informed those present that we had an account last year with Chase Bank, but because they instituted a $50.00/month fee for a balance of less than $2,500, he moved the Chapter’s account to People’s Trust Federal Credit Union. $377.50 has been received thus far that is earmarked for the Lois Swan Jones Fund. $500 was awarded to the recipient of this year’s LSJ Award. Treasurer Lukasek recommended the next LSJ Award winner also receive $500. Tara Spies Smith moved that the LSJ Award be set at $500. Samuel Duncan seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

V. Editor’s Report for The Medium (Vice-President/President Elect Gonzalez Palacios)

Vice-President Gonzalez Palacios announced that the Spring 2011 edition of The Medium has been published and she will be sending out an official call for articles for the next edition of The Medium. Deadline for submission is November 18, 2011. If anyone has a particular desire to write about an event we attended during the Annual Chapter Meeting, they should let Vice-President Gonzalez Palacios know.

VI. Lois Swan Jones’ Award Committee Report (Tara Spies Smith)

Committee Chair Tara Spies Smith reported that there was only one applicant for the Lois Swan Jones’ Award in 2011 and the award in the amount of $500 went to Mary Wegmann. Edward Lukasek, Tara Spies Smith, and Beverly Mitchell served on the committee.

VII. Call for new LSJ Award Committee Volunteers (President Mitchell)

President Mitchell made a call for volunteers to serve on this committee. Edward Lukasek and Tara Spies Smith initially offered to continue to serve as committee members. In discussion, Jon Evans pointed out that officers should not serve due to a conflict of interest. It was subsequently decided to follow a qualification for serving on this committee that one is not currently serving as a chapter officer. Since Tara Spies was later elected to Vice-President/President Elect, Rebecca Barham will serve in her place. Samuel Duncan volunteered to serve as the new chair and was unanimously approved.

VIII. Project for Scanning Back Issues of The Medium (Laura Schwartz and Samuel Duncan)

Laura Schwartz related the background for The Medium scanning project. The Medium’s archive was at MFAH and Laura contacted Jon Evans who verified that they did in fact have the complete run. Jennifer Lee, Head Librarian, Preservation and Digitization Services at the UT Libraries did the scanning for free at Laura’s request. The scanned documents are machine readable and will reside on the ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico website. Samuel Duncan has mounted them on the website (most in PDF format) and reviewed content and formats. He will load an additional module which will make the content of The Medium archive searchable. Laura recommended an official thank you to Jennifer Lee, and President Mitchell offered to send one.
President Mitchell asked for volunteers for a working committee to determine best techniques and methods for archiving issues of The Medium produced on the chapter website. Samuel Duncan, Elizabeth Schaub, and Martha Gonzalez Palacios volunteered to serve on the working committee. Jon Evans commended Sam and Laura for their work thus far.

IX. Discussion of FORO Meeting in Austin (Tara Smith)

Vice-President Gonzalez Palacios and Tara Spies Smith attended FORO 2011, “Rethinking Library Issues in Hard Times.” Mexican librarians, including the Head of IFLA were present; however, no art librarians attended. At least half of the meeting was conducted in Spanish. The librarians present seemed to come primarily from the science and math disciplines. The mission of our ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter members was to meet Mexican librarians that were art librarians, but there were none there and the Mexican librarians who were present could not really connect Martha and Tara with art librarians in Mexico. Elizabeth Schaub reported that the International Relations Committee (IRC) of ARLIS/NA sent representatives to Mexico City and it seemed that they are interested in continuing a dialogue. Martha recommended making sure there is always an ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter member on that committee or that we at least stay in contact with that committee. Carla Ellard is currently participating on the IRC and Tara volunteered interest in participating when Carla’s term ends.

X. Annual Meeting Images page (President Mitchell and Samuel Duncan)

Samuel Duncan has created a page on the website for annual meeting images as a test waiting for content. We can either have an image page outside the site on another site such as a group page on Flickr or Picasa or use the ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter site using Drupal. Uploading to the Chapter website would require a certain level of administrative privileges. A point person could manage a third party account. Sam and Tara Spies Smith volunteered to work on this together to recommend where to put the images and determine what would work best with our website.

XI. Amendment Proposal to Bylaws – Discussion of Duties of Officers as Stated in Chapter Bylaws and Inclusion of Procedures for Officers (President Mitchell)

President Mitchell suggested adding to description of duties of officers in the Bylaws as well as adding other pages to our website for separate procedures. Discussion followed concerning keeping the Bylaws as they are at least for now, followed by a recommendation that we create a Procedures section on the Chapter’s website under “Administrative” to which members who have had officer or planning committee experience can add expanded procedural details. Discussion ensued regarding whether we should start with Google Docs to create working documents, but concerns were expressed about the potential to import formatting problems into the website if we did so. Secretary Salisbury moved that we create a Procedures page on the Chapter website under Samuel Duncan’s direction for officers and planning committee members to develop. Jon Evans seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

XII. Discussion of ARLIS/NA Strategic Plan, 2011-2015 (ARLIS/NA President Evans)

ARLIS/NA President Evans reported on the activities of the Strategic Planning Committee. The first meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee occurred at the Boston conference in 2010. Jon felt that the Committee did a good job of reaching out for feedback from the membership and the response was three time what it was in the past. The plan was put forward in late May and was approved by the Executive Board, which is currently looking at implementation. The Executive Board plans to bring in Anne Whiteside, former Board member on this phase of the process and move forward from there. The next step is to determine actionable items. Jon encouraged us to look at the Strategic Plan and provide input. He also took a moment to acknowledge the hard work of those on the committee.

XIII. Nominations and Elections of Treasurer and Vice-President/President Elect (Past Presidents Ellard and Bunch)

President Mitchell called for nominations for the offices of Treasurer and Vice-President/President Elect. Laura Schwarz was nominated as Treasurer and Tara Spies Smith was nominated for Vice-President/President Elect. There was a call to see if there were any others interested in serving in one of these capacities and there were none. Both were unanimously elected.

XIV. Chapter Welcome Party Donation (Treasurer Lukasek)

Treasurer Lukasek stated that the chapter has traditionally given a donation of $300 to the Welcome Party for each year’s ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, and we can afford to do that again this year. Eric Wolf moved that we donate $300. Jon Evans seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

XV. Budget for Dinner Invites for Annual Meeting Speakers (President Mitchell)

President Mitchell raised the topic of inviting guest speakers to have dinner with us during the course of our Annual Meeting. President Mitchell and others felt that inviting our guest speakers to dinner with us was an appropriate way to express our thanks for their contribution to the success of our Annual Meeting, but there currently is no money budgeted for this in the registration fee. Discussion ensued that the estimated cost for this be rolled into the registration fee and the procedure for this be added to the new Policies and Procedures section of the website. Additional discussion followed resulting in more than one member suggesting that we set a budget for the Annual Meeting that would include funds to pay for speakers’ dinners and that an additional line item for donations toward speakers’ dinners also be added to the registration form for those who wished to contribute an additional sum. Laura Schwartz offered the suggestion that this fund be more flexible for annual meeting planners to use either for dinner invites or gifts to speakers.

XVI. Planning for 2012 Meeting (Vice President/President Elect Gonzalez Palacios)

Vice-President Gonzalez Palacios offered options for the venue for next year’s Annual Meeting, including either Austin or Marfa, TX. Those in attendance were particularly interested in Marfa. Martha will get tentative dates together and follow up by email.

XVII. New Business (President Mitchell)

President Mitchell asked if there was any new business. Elizabeth Schaub announced that in her role as the Implementation Team Co-chair for the Summer Educational Institute for Visual Resources and Image Management, a joint project of ARLIS/NA and the VRA Foundation, she is interested in going to chapters to discuss financially supporting joint ARLIS/NA and VRA development.
Eric Wolf announced the availability of the Artists Documentation Project available online from the Menil or Whitney websites. The Project consists of filmed interviews with artists that have been digitized.
Carla Ellard expressed thanks (with mutual agreement from those present) to Vice-President Gonzalez Palacios for changing our listserv over to UT.

ARLIS/NA President Jon Evans reported on some ARLIS/NA Board matters. As mentioned earlier, they are moving forward with the Strategic Plan. The Mentoring Subcommittee of the Professional Development Committee is looking for chapters to develop their own mentoring programs. If that is something the ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter would like to do, we would need to get in touch with the Mentoring Subcommittee Chair. President Mitchell will be glad to look into that and email the Chair.
Jon reminded those present that the next conference is in Toronto in 2012 and he added that it looks interesting programmatically. Significant interest has been generated in having future joint conferences with VRA and the ARLIS/NA Board has decided they indeed want to go forward. The next step is to develop a mutually agreeable model. ARLIS/NA President Evans cut short his remarks in view of the need to adjourn in a timely manner.

XVIII. Adjournment (President Mitchell)

President Mitchell asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Secretary Salisbury moved to adjourn. Carla Ellard seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

submitted by Shari Salisbury

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