Gallery trip to Artspace 111

The last venue of the day on Friday, October 28th, chapter members went on a gallery trip to Artspace 111, where the artist Sarah Green in coordination with the owner, Margery Gossett, just finished installing her exhibition, Allure & Utility. Gossett showed members the works of local artists that her gallery represents and gave a tour of the spaces inside and the sculpture garden outside. In its early history, the gallery served as a warehouse for unloading furniture from the railroad behind it. Fortunately for members, it was ready for the exhibition opening that evening and the artist gave a brief talk about her career and these works. Green admitted that she likes working in a lot of different media, and these works, which she creates digitally, are a medium that she is exploring and finding very enjoyable. The artist used a Los Angeles model, Taylor Vlahos, for these slick and colorful works, which present a commentary on feminism and exploitation. Also installed were her works in black and white, derived from celebrity images, and two portraits of well-known Fort Worth residents, artist Nancy Lamb and hair stylist Gary Leatherwood.

submitted by Beverly Mitchell