Judd Library

Ryan Tainter, the digital project designer/developer and head librarian for the Judd Library website, began Friday’s activities with a presentation in the library reading room at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. Throughout his talk, Tainter described both the theoretical framework and practical applications he had to consider when designing the digital library. Judd’s thoughtful and precise installation and organization of objects provides a context for the materials that extends beyond that which a simple database could display. The library now functions as a type of archive for Judd’s materials; the project staff used a series of charts to identify original order and organizational structures and cataloged every aspect of the collection, from pencils placed between books to handwritten notations. These aspects, which situate the collection in a specific time, place, and context, are conveyed in the Flash application Tainter built to display the digital library. Backed by a FileMaker database, the library’s interface combines a floor plan of the site with photographs of each bookshelf. These images are linked to the catalog records for the objects and the option to locate the book using WorldCat. This online representation of Judd’s library allows users who are not able to make the trek to Marfa an opportunity to peruse his shelves and gain a deeper understanding into the artist’s thinking.

submitted by Mary Wegmann