Amon Carter Paper Conservation Lab

On Friday morning (10/28/11) the group enjoyed a tour of the Amon Carter Museum’s spectacular paper conservation lab. Sylvie Penichon, conservator of photographs, and Jodie Utter, conservator of works on paper, welcomed the group and displayed some examples of illustrated books and photographs they had worked on.

Highlights included Bigelow’s American Medical Botany, which included both printed and hand-applied color; John Fisk Allen’s Victoria Regia as an example of excellent chromolithography; and a David Gibson photobook, which Sylvie used to explain that black and white ink jets often contain multiple colors, which in turn impacts upon their care and conservation. Sylvie also highlighted a series of “One Picture Books” as an example of how she works with the ACM library to try to identify the technique used with the original photographs in each book. Lastly, Jodie talked about her technical research on Charles Russell’s watercolor media.

The Amon Carter’s paper conservation lab is an impressive facility in a beautiful building, and it was a real treat for the group to see the operations of a modern, well-lit, state of the art conservation lab first-hand and up close.

submitted by Stephen R. Gassett