News From the ARLIS/NA Chapter Liaison

Hello Texas-Mexico Chapter!

I thought I'd share some of my notes from the Toronto conference, especially items that relate to chapters.

a) The Executive Board continues to work with VRA on an agreement about future joint conferences. It will be more like a template for how to arrange matters, and less a strict schedule of having one every set number of years. I feel that a set schedule is quite limiting and puts a great deal of pressure on chapters who are interested in hosting a conference, so I am pleased that we're looking at a more flexible plan.

b) At the chapter chairs meeting, we agreed that it was important to have a set time for
chapter business meetings during the conference. The Pasadena team is well aware of this issue, and I've also shared it with the Executive Board.

c) The membership committee is interested in working with chapters on recruitment strategies, particularly when it comes to ways of reaching out to students. Special regional events can be a draw for those chapters that cover a large geographic area. I can certainly see that being the case with the fall meeting in Marfa that Martha Gonzalez-Palacios is planning for your chapter. I will be coordinating with Rina Vecchiola on this issue.

d) Several chapters have started using Paypal to collect dues, and that seems to be working well. TEI can only collect chapter dues if all chapters agree to participate, so Paypal is a more viable option.

e) Just a reminder that chapters are encouraged to use the gotomeeting software that TEI has in order to hold online meetings. I can find out more details for anyone who is interested.

That's all for now! Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.
Happy spring,

Laurel Bliss
ARLIS/NA Chapters Liaison
Fine Arts Librarian
San Diego State University