Annual Meeting 2012: Business Meeting Minutes

ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter
Marfa, Texas
November 10, 2012, Austin Street Café, Marfa

Executive Committee of the ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter
Martha Gonzalez Palacios, President
Tara Spies Smith, Vice-President/President Elect
Shari Salisbury, Secretary
Laura Schwartz, Treasurer

I.  Call to order (President Gonzalez Palacios)

The Art Libraries Society of North America, Texas-Mexico Chapter's Annual Business Meeting was held at the Austin
Street Café, Marfa, Texas on Saturday, November 10, 2012. The meeting was called to order by President Gonzalez

II.  Introductions

President Gonzalez Palacios asked those present to introduce themselves.  In attendance were Martha Gonzalez Palacios (UT Austin), Sam Duncan (Amon Carter Museum), Shari Salisbury (UTSA), Edward Lukasek (MFAH), Selene Hinojosa (Texas State), Tara Spies Smith (Texas State), Rebecca Barham (UNT), Eric Wolf (Menil), Elizabeth Schaub (UT Austin), Laura Schwartz (UT Austin), Jon Evans (MFAH), Beth Dodd (UT Austin), Mark Pompelia (RISD), Sarah Long (MFAH). President Gonzalez Palacios thanked everyone for their help in assuring such a fine chapter meeting. Beth Dodd thanked President Gonzalez Palacios for all her hard work. Vice-President Spies Smith concurred.

III.  Secretary's Report and Approval of 2011 Business Meeting Minutes (Secretary Salisbury)

Minutes from the 2011 meeting had previously been submitted by email to Chapter members for comments. Only one minor correction was made changing the affiliation for those in attendance at the meeting from UT to UT Austin. If approved, the corrected minutes would be posted online. Secretary Salisbury moved to have the 2011 Business Meeting Minutes approved by the members. Vice-President Spies Smith seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

IV.  Treasurer's Report (Treasurer Schwartz)

Treasurer Schwartz informed those present that she opened a new bank account at United Heritage Credit Union on behalf of the ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter in January of 2012 since she needed the ability to transact chapter financial business in Austin. Treasurer Schwartz also reported that the ARLIS Texas-Mexico Chapter currently has 33 members. Attendance at the Annual Chapter Meeting totaled 15. Prior to chapter meeting registration and membership renewal, there was a balance of $2,158.04. After the collection of chapter meeting registration fees and member renewals and expenditures for the meeting, there is currently a balance of $2,744.46 in the account. A number of chapter members have not yet renewed. Treasurer Schwartz will work with President Gonzalez Palacios on contacting members who were not present about membership renewal.  $332.88 in donations has been received thus far earmarked for the Lois Swan Jones Award.

V.  Editor's Report for The Medium (Vice President/President Elect Spies Smith)

Vice President Spies Smith reported that the spring issue of The Medium has been published. A call for articles has already been sent out for the fall issue pertaining to the Annual Chapter Meeting in Marfa. Vice President Spies Smith suggested that if anyone wanted to write about one particular aspect of a tour that would be fine. The deadline for submissions is November 26, 2012.                

VI.  Lois Swan Jones Award Committee Report (Sam Duncan)

Committee Chair Sam Duncan thanked the membership for trusting him with the responsibility of chair. Sam also wished to recognize the efforts of committee members Rebecca Barham and Edward Lukasek. The committee received two applications for the Lois Swan Jones Award this year. The award went to Mark Pompelia to defray expenses related to his attendance at the 40th ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Toronto.

VII.  Proposed changes to Lois Swan Jones Award application instructions, procedures, policies, and affected
Chapter Bylaws (Sam Duncan)

During the course of serving as Committee Chair, Sam Duncan found some issues he wished to have discussed at the Annual Chapter Meeting.  Sam stated that there is no clear language concerning who may serve on the Lois Swan Jones Committee. When this year’s committee was elected at the 2011 chapter meeting, it was believed by various members that Tara Spies Smith’s position on the committee and her election to Vice President/President Elect was a conflict of interest and Rebecca Barham was elected to serve on the committee in her place. Discussion followed as to whether this is a conflict. ARLIS/NA Past President Evans stated that he believes it is a conflict. Eric Wolf stated that he believes it is not and noted that some groups actually require an officer to be represented on such a committee. One of the main points that came out of the discussion was that many agree that it might be preferable to distribute the committee responsibilities to other members who are not officers. Those in attendance agreed that officers should not be on the committee. Sam will write some guidelines concerning who should be on the committee and will send these out to the membership via email for everyone’s approval.  

Committee Chair Sam Duncan indicated that there was some question with regard to the recent award applications concerning whether or not applicants expected to receive institutional funding.  Sam suggested that the application needs to say that they "must" indicate other funding, as opposed to the current wording which says what the application letter “should” include. Sam will compose the wording and send it to the membership for approval.

Sam asked for clarification concerning whether it is acceptable for an applicant to live geographically outside of the Texas-Mexico region of our Chapter since there is no mention of this in the current award guidelines. Those present agreed that it is acceptable for an applicant to live outside the region as long as they pay dues to ARLIS/NA and the ARLIS/NA Texas- Mexico Chapter.

Another discussion point concerning the Lois Swan Jones Award that arose was over whether the Chapter could make the award available to enable the recipient to attend any one of several options such as the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, the Summer Educational Institute for Visual Resources and Image Management (SEI), or the ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter Meeting.  It was pointed out, however, that the purpose of the award is written to support attendance especially of those actively participating at the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference. It was agreed to make no changes at present but to look at the founding documents for clarification and to look at other avenues to support professional development such as raising membership dues. President Gonzalez Palacios tabled the discussion for now.

In addition, Committee Chair Sam Duncan asked those in attendance whether there should be guidelines for instances that may arise in which a committee member is asked to vet an applicant from the same institution. Those in attendance agreed this was not necessary.

Treasurer Laura Schwartz moved that the Lois Swan Jones Award be set at $500.00. Edward Lukasek seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

VIII.  Call for new Lois Swan Jones Award Committee Volunteers (President Gonzalez Palacios)

Mark Pompelia began the discussion by asking whether there should be a soft policy that the award winner should subsequently serve on the committee. Beth Dodd stated that she believed such a policy is in the guidelines and Tara Spies Smith stated that this policy is included in the guidelines spreadsheet available to the award committee. (Secretary’s note: Looking at the online “Conditions of the Award” on the chapter website, there is no mention of the recipient subsequently serving on the committee. However, the "Lois Swan Jones Committee Guidelines" spreadsheet includes a note on the “Guidelines” tab that reads: "Remind awardee(s) of reporting obligations and encourage current recipient(s) to chair/serve on the LSJ committee for the upcoming year.") It was agreed that a statement to the effect that the award recipient is expected to renew their membership should be included in the award guidelines. Sam Duncan can address this in the guidelines he intends to write. President Gonzalez Palacios made a call for volunteers to serve on this committee. Mark Pompelia volunteered to serve and Rebecca Barham and Sam Duncan volunteered to continue on the committee. Since Rebecca Barham was later elected to the position of Secretary, Selene Hinojosa will serve in her place. Sam Duncan agreed to continue as chair. The committee was unanimously approved.

IX.  Institutional transition plans for migrating to RDA (Sam Duncan)

Struck from agenda. President Gonzalez Palacios believed this was a more suitable topic for discussion on the listserv.

X.  Collection policies related to digital catalogs produced by local galleries (Sam Duncan)

Struck from agenda. President Gonzalez Palacios believed this was a more suitable topic for discussion on the listserv.

XI.  ARLIS/NA Executive Board Report (ARLIS/NA Past President Evans)

ARLIS/NA Past President Evans reported on the meeting of the Executive Board this fall in New York City at the Frick. The Executive Board had the opportunity to meet Guadalupe Rodriguez, the Society’s new representative from TEI. ARLIS/NA Past President Evans said that Ms. Rodriguez is “stepping up to the plate and doing good job.”

ARLIS/NA Past President Evans reported that the Executive Board is interested in the idea of virtual conferencing as a supplement to in-person attendance at Annual Conference. They received a proposal submitted by the committee appointed to look into the matter as to what a virtual conference would look like. Mark Pompelia stated that one big challenge is to educate the membership as to the costs involved; virtual conferencing is not free. He added that a second challenge concerns the logistics involved in basically running a second conference.  One good aspect would be that TEI would assist in making that happen.

Other items discussed at the Executive Board meeting included encouragement for committees and chapters to use
"Go to Meeting" for webinars; the establishment of a new Special Interest Group on Digital Humanities; the desire to do a website redesign with the intent of using Joomla (bids are being taken); the need for chapters to report back to the Society regarding their accomplishments respecting implementation of the strategic plan; membership discounts to current members as incentives to encourage others to join; the desire for another joint conference with VRA as soon as 2016 (the financial model is in the process of approval); plans to update the ARLIS/NA policy manual as well as the conference planning manual; consideration of project management software Basecamp; announcement that the 2014 Annual Conference will take place May 1-5 in Washington, DC; work being done to ensure free unfettered wifi access at our conferences, likely resulting in increased registration fees (including the Pasadena conference); report about subscriptions to Art Documentation up 34% during the first full year since it moved to the University of Chicago Press; and an update from ARLIS/NA Treasurer which indicated that any deficit in the Society’s finances for 2012 was mostly due to expenses incurred in the transition of Art Documentation to the University of Chicago Press and that over time revenues are expected to increase with increased subscriptions.

In addition to these matters, ARLIS/NA Past President Evans pointed out particular items that involved ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter members.  The Executive Board especially noted the professional development provided by SEI and acknowledged the leadership of Elizabeth Schaub in that regard. Two ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter members are represented on the next slate of officers put forward by the ARLIS/NA Nominating Committee: Eric Wolf for Secretary and Martha Gonzalez Palacios for Membership and Development Liaison.

XII.  ARLIS/NA Annual Conference 2015 (ARLIS/NA Past President Evans)

ARLIS/NA Past President Evans made those present aware that a number of possible chapter hosts for the 2015 Annual Conference have fallen through, and he asked if our chapter is interested. The New York chapter has offered to host in Brooklyn but this would make our conference locations not as geographically diverse, since 2014 will be in Washington, DC. If our chapter were interested, the Society would like to know by the end of this year. A lengthy discussion ensued. Treasurer Schwartz asked which city would be the stronger candidate to put forth for Texas. Beth Dodd asked what is involved as far as local planning.  ARLIS/NA Past President Evans said four people: two program chairs and two local planning chairs would be needed, along with others to assist. There would be a role for all chapter members. A strict timeline would need to be followed. TEI has a very hands-on role with financial issues and registration. Coordinating with the Executive Board, the Chapter President is very involved. Treasurer Schwartz said it is a lot of work, but it is our turn. Treasurer Schwartz asked if anyone was opposed to us hosting in 2015. No one expressed opposition. Vice President Spies Smith suggested Austin as a location. Mark Pompelia suggested that culturally Fort Worth has a lot to offer. Others also offered Fort Worth, but concern was expressed over suggesting Fort Worth since many of our Fort Worth members were not present at the meeting. ARLIS/NA Past President Evans stated that finding a hotel with adequate meeting room spaces would be a challenge and suggested that we first needed to figure out which city to recommend. Mark Pompelia suggested we have three members create a document to send to the Executive Board with recommendations pertaining to both Austin and Fort Worth. Elizabeth Schaub moved that we contact the Executive Board asserting a positive response with regard to hosting the 2015 Annual Conference in either Austin or Fort Worth. Eric Wolf seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. President Gonzalez Palacios will email members for volunteers so that she can work with a member from Austin and a member from Fort Worth to draw up recommendations.

XIII.  ARLIS/NA 2011-2015 Action Plan (President Gonzalez Palacios)

The Chair of the ARLIS/NA Strategic Planning Committee got in touch with President Gonzalez Palacios to encourage us to discuss what our involvement could be in implementing the ARLIS/NA Strategic Plan and Action Plan in our chapter.  President Gonzalez Palacios had sent members a link via email to the plan document prior to the annual meeting.  Two of the document’s goals were briefly mentioned as possibilities for our chapter to work on: Goal III. A.1, Promoting art librarianship as a career, which could involve greater outreach to library or art graduate students; and Goal  I.B.1, Developing outreach efforts to increase membership recruitment and retention. The implementation of these goals on the chapter level would fall more on Vice President Spies Smith as the next president. Vice President Spies Smith suggested establishing a committee via email. Beth Dodd moved that we establish a committee via email in order to open it up to the rest of the members. ARLIS/NA Past President Evans seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. President Gonzalez Palacios will send an email to the membership. Beth Dodd volunteered to help.

XIV.  Nominations and Elections of Secretary and Vice President/President-elect (President Gonzalez Palacios)

President Gonzalez Palacios represented the Nominating Committee in the absence of the other committee members. The Nominating Committee members consisting of President Gonzalez Palacios, Past President Mitchell, and Craig Bunch put forward a slate of nominees for two open positions. Nominated for Secretary was Rebecca Barham; nominated for Vice President/President-elect was Edward Lukasek. There was a call to see if there were any others interested in serving in one of these capacities and there were none.  Both were unanimously elected.

XV.  Chapter Welcome Party Donation (Treasurer Schwartz)

Treasurer Schwartz stated that the chapter contributed $300.00 last year to the Welcome Party for the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference. However, based on our current and expected budget we cannot afford to do that this year. She suggested a lower amount and asked ARLIS/NA Past President Evans what the average chapter donation is. He stated that $150 is roughly the average.  After brief discussion those in attendance agreed. Beth Dodd moved that we donate $150. Vice President Spies Smith seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

XVI.  Annual Chapter Meeting Travel Award (President Gonzalez Palacios)

President Gonzalez Palacios stated that this item was already discussed in agenda item VII.

XVII.  Planning for 2013 Meeting (Vice President/President-elect Spies Smith)

Vice President Spies Smith suggested San Antonio as the venue for next year’s annual meeting. She expressed a desire to have the meeting October 31-November 2 to take advantage of the first Friday art walk, particularly since it will fall on the Day of the Dead and there are likely to be many holiday-related art exhibitions at that time in San Antonio.  Other locations she is contemplating including on the itinerary are the McNay, since Craig Bunch works at the library there, and the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University in San Marcos. The Business Meeting would be held on November 2. There was discussion among those present about the difficulty some might have in attending events on Halloween, although Vice President Spies Smith pointed out that the chapter has had the annual meeting at that time before. ARLIS/NA Past President Evans remarked concerning not only our next chapter meeting, but concerning chapter meetings in the future, that it is difficult to get institutional funding for meeting attendance if there is not sufficient programming for professional development. He encouraged those planning for this and all future conferences to be sure to include such programming. Several in attendance suggested doing a survey of members via Survey Monkey regarding dates and content. Vice President Spies Smith responded that she could do a survey.

XVIII.  New Business (President Gonzalez Palacios)

President Gonzalez Palacios asked if there was any new business.  Sam Duncan stated that a lot of new content has been added to our website and there has also been an update to the WYSIWYG interface. He can send an email out to the members about that. In addition, Sam said that The Medium archive has a number of extant digital copies in various locations, so he is comfortable with where we are on that.

Eric Wolf asked who of our members is presenting at the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Pasadena.  Eric Wolf and
Edward Lukasek are presenting and Mark Pompelia is working with a Special Interest Group.

XIX.  Adjournment (President Gonzalez Palacios)

Treasurer Schwartz thanked President Gonzalez Palacios for a wonderful year. President Gonzalez Palacios thanked
both Treasurer Schwartz and Secretary Salisbury for their service.  President Gonzalez Palacios called the meeting adjourned.